MK Sinfonia  
  Schedule: Summer 2022  
  Repertoire: 9th July 2022,
'Dance' Concert
  Humperdinck: Hansel and Gretel overture  
  Copland: Appalachian Spring concert suite  
  Massenet: Le Cid, ballet suit  
  Chabrier: España, rhapsody for orchestra  
  Dvorak: The Noon Witch  
  Lysenko : Taras Bulba overture  
  Rehearsals 7.30pm – 8.30, 15min break, 8.45 – 9.15pm  
  Notes:   Copland to be rehearsed after the break each week, except when extras are invited
then Copland will start at 7.30 other items from 8. End 9.30.
Lysenko integrated when available. Long focus on 16th June.
  April 2022      
  21   1st rehearsal of July's concert programme, at Chrysalis  
  28   Full. Members. Chabrier, Dvorak. Copland  
  5   Full. Members. Humperdinck, Massenet, Copland  
  12   Full. Members. tba  
  19   string sectional  
  26   Full. Extras invited. Copland until 8. End 9.30  
  2   HALF TERM BREAK - no rehearsal - Queen’s Jubilee  
  9   Full. Members. Humperdinck, Chabrier, Dvorak. Copland  
  16   Full. Members. Massenet, Lysenko. Copland  
  23   Full. Members. tba  
  30   Full. Members. All. End 9.30  
  7   Full. All extras please. ALL. Start Copland until 8.00. End 9.30  
  Saturday 9th   at The Chrysalis Theatre, MK15 9JY.
Rehearsal 2.00 - 5.00 pm
Performance 7.30pm
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