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Membership of the Orchestra


Current rehearsal schedule

Rehearsals are Thursday evenings at The Chrysalis Theatre, Willen, MK15 9JY map

Start Time



9.45 pm

Please note that 7.30pm is the rehearsal start time, please do come early enough to get yourself seated and ready, and allow time to clear up afterwards. There is usually about a 10 min break with tea or coffee available. Whilst we hope to finish usually by 9.30, it may be necessary, occassionally, to go on until 9.45pm.

New members should telephone to confirm. See Contact Page

Concert dress is all black. Jackets and ties are not required.

Wind Group


The Orchestra

We welcome, and endeavour to accommodate, those individuals who wish to join. For this reason, we do not hold formal auditions and there is no set criteria for membership.

The membership fee (from September 2023) is £50 per term or £150 per year.
Concessions (e.g. non-taxpayers): £40 per term or £120 per year.
This covers music hire costs and supports the general administration of the orchestra.

String players are invited along to a rehearsal then 'self select' by either aspiring (or not) to the repertoire and our approach. As a guide, a playing level of Grade VI or above would be necessary to contribute fully.

Wind players, (if and when a place is available) would be required to have a trial period. The standard is high.

We try to be as 'open access' as we can as it is very much a community orchestra run primarily for its members and those interested in supporting them in performance.

Key positions (principals) are usually recruited directly by David Knight or other existing principals.

Patrons / Friends

Are you a regular concert goer?
Why not become a patron of the Orchestra?
Patrons get 3 concert tickets a year for only £45 a year. This includes a free interval drink, reserved seating at concerts and we keep you informed of the concerts coming up.

The Chamber List

A new development from the Membership Services of the Orchestra.
Click Chamber List for more information.